Client Background

Our client is a group of crypto-investors and miners from the USA, which has gained tremendous experience in the gambling and betting industry. Before starting the development of BetGalaxy, the client accumulated all the best solutions on the market in order to apply them in a new product.
This is a classic startup in the world of the crypto industry, which began with White Paper and an ICO, and ended with the release of a product and the payment of dividends to token holders.

Business Challenge

The audience of the potential BetGalaxy is experienced and large players who know the market well, so they expected from us a product that is not inferior in quality and attractiveness to the world’s top crypto-casinos. Therefore, the requirements of the client were put forward very high for:

  • Design
  • Technical implementation
  • Scaling and server solutions
  • Load resistance
  • Marketing support
  • Stability and security

Why particular Fixario?

As a result of our work, one of the most technologically advanced casinos in the world has been created, and in some respects, such as the speed of betting and bet processing in games, the fastest in the world. In the first week after launch, 5,000 players signed up at BetGalaxy. We have developed 4 of our own unique games in the BetGalaxy corporate style, added thousands of Slots and Betting Lines from the world’s leading providers, ensured the functionality of a complex dividend system and the operation of the entire crypto-economy.


Betting & Gambling


Create the 3rd blockchain-based crypto casino in the world with its own token and ecosystem.


Development of a high-tech casino from scratch, reusing the experience and knowledge accumulated over the previous 5 years.


A qualified product was created and launched on the market, several new versions were released within 3 months.

White paper and ICO

This is the stage of forming a unique product concept, building tokenomics and a business concept that has become attractive to thousands of small investors around the world, in particular, casino players themselves, who did become shareholders of a new product.

Online casino site

Functionally, BetGalaxy was not inferior to the world's leading casinos and included classic services for the player, such as Slots, its own unique games, as well as sports betting, a unique referral system and a motivation system.


Such a large and complex system as a crypto casino needs an equally complex support and maintenance functionality. For example, the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency in a casino are processes that are verified first by algorithms and sometimes by live administrators.

The implementation of the planned targets is an interesting experiment in testing the forms of development.

New York Street Journal


The implementation of the planned targets is an interesting experiment in testing the forms of development.

New York Street Journal