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Valerii Kononets

IT is a broad and voluminous field with dozens of professions and specializations. Therefore, the first step for me was the choice and awareness of what exactly I want to do. Having defended my dissertation in France (PhD), becoming the Laureate of the Young Scientists Prize of the President of Ukraine and holding the leading position of a senior researcher in a research laboratory – all this gave me the understanding that I would be an excellent project manager.
Moreover, the change of role was not cardinal, my set of knowledge and skills coincided by 70% with the duties of a project manager.
I still had to study, read a lot, communicate with experienced colleagues and develop the ability to maintain a good mood despite the multitasking of the profession.
Came to Lineup with a small case of knowledge, having little experience in the IT field. I got into a great team, where there are no random people. One team with a common idea, priorities and aspirations!
I learned to work more smoothly, productively. To create a team that strives for the same goal and bears equal responsibility for the work process and results, has also become more open, communicative, a leader, able to lead others and quickly solve suddenly arising tasks.


In my student years, the team of the boys band “Light Inside” and I performed at various competitions, released our own videos and albums. Creative life is a very important experience in my life, which contributed to emancipation, self-discovery and realization of ambitions in a good way. Later, I was engaged in filming video clips (Danqa – Glock) and editing various videos, including for the YouTube channel (Toasted Team). The hobby gave me another understanding – when you help others, it brings a lot of self-satisfaction.